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40-Frame Size Beekeeping Kit Bee Hive House Frame Beehive 20 Deep 20 Medium

40-Frame Size Beekeeping Kit Bee Hive House Frame Beehive 20 Deep 20 Medium

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  • DURABLE CEDAR & PINEWOOD: Our bee hive box is carefully constructed with natural Cedarwood exterior frames and Pinewood honeycomb foundation frames to easily endure years of use in the toughest environments.
  • SECURE SHELTER: The thickened wood boards and metal roof seal out the elements to keep the beehive at near-constant temperature and humidity - to keep your bees comfortable and maintain your honey's purity and freshness.
  • REINFORCED STRUCTURE: Reinforced dovetail joints with extra nails make this beehive sturdy enough to handle up to 176 lb of honey with extra stability to endure external forces.
  • DILIGENT DESIGN: Includes 20 deep frames for Italian bees and 20 medium frames for Chinese bees. Also includes upgraded features like the solid bottom board . widened entrance reducer . queen excluder . and inner cover for your convenience.
  • COMPLETE KIT: This beekeeping starter kit is easy to assemble in as little as 10 minutes - simply interlock the wood boards and fix them in place with the included nails. Includes a 1-year warranty with a free exchange or return for any defective item.

Constructed with cedar and pine . this Langstroth beehive kit is constructed with all of the features that help you create a prosperous colony. Assembly is so easy . even amateurs can complete the assembly in up to 15 minutes.

4 Tips To Maximize Your Honey Production

  • 1. Be prepared.
  • It takes 40 days from when an egg is laid for that bee to emerge from her cell . serve in her housekeeping role and finally be old enough to fly out and forage for nectar. Just because you have lots of bees does not mean you have lots of foragers. To gather nectar you need to have a full squadron of foraging age bees PRIOR to the nectar flow. Therefore . beekeepers could produce more honey if they simply counted 40 days backward from when the nectar flow starts . and begin to prepare ahead of time for that flow.
  • 2. You must also make sure your bees are healthy.
  • They need nutrition. They need to be fattened up so they can remain strong and fight off various diseases. Mite control is essential in keeping healthy bees. The healthier the hive . the better the honey production.
  • 3. Having a good queen is important as well.
  • It is optimal to replace your queen every couple of years. You certainly don't have to . and often the hive will replace a faltering queen. However . for maximum honey production . you should replace your queen in September. Then . by the time you start stimulating the hive in February with sugar water and pollen patties . this new . young queen can really begin laying. You must see your honey production season as starting in September!
  • 4. Finally . you need lots of supers!
  • Research has shown that bees with plenty of supers on the hive at one time do better than supering a hive as needed. I always have at least 3 medium supers on all my hives prior to the nectar flow. If some of those supers have been saved from the previous year and have drawn comb . then you're that much closer to an excellent honey producing year.


  • Product Dimension: 22″ x 16.25″ x 36″
  • Package size: 25.5″ x 21.2″ x 14.7″ 
  • Package Weight: 29.7 lb

Package List:

  • 1 x Outer Cover (Telescoping cover with thick sheet metal on top for Protection and Rainproof)
  • 1 x Inner Cover with Air vent for better ventilation
  • 8 x Medium Wood Boards for medium box assembly
  • 8 x Deep Wood Boards for deep brood box assembly
  • 1 x Hive Entrance Board
  • 1 x Bottom Board
  • 20 x Deep Frames with Foundation
  • 20 x Medium Frames with Foundation
  • 1 x Plastic Queen Excluder
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